Generating Apple certificates

To deploy any iOS application on device, or publish to the Apple Store, you must to have certificates.

Apple maybe require you to accept their latest license agreement. You will not be able to do anything until you accept the agreement. Do that by going to your Account Membership.

To get started go to your Account Certificate and select:

For developing

  • iOS App Development

Sign development versions of your iOS app.

For production

  • App Store and Ad Hoc

Sign your iOS app for submission to the App Store or for Ad Hoc distribution.

Create a CSR file

To manually generate a Certificate, you need a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file from your Mac. To create a CSR file, follow the instructions below to create one using Keychain Access.

In the Applications folder on your Mac, open the Utilities folder and launch Keychain Access.

Within the Keychain Access drop down menu, select Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority.

  • In the Certificate Information window, enter the following information:
    • In the User Email Address field, enter your email address.
    • In the Common Name field, create a name for your private key (e.g., John Doe Dev Key).
    • The CA Email Address field should be left empty.
    • In the "Request is" group, select the "Saved to disk" option.
  • Click Continue within Keychain Access to complete the CSR generating process.

Note: The steps above was taken from Apple Certificate Wizard

Generate a certificate

In the next screen you should be able to upload your CSR file to download the certificate. Once you have in hands a certificate, you need to generate the provisioning profiles and apply it manually into the xcode project.

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