Generating Apple provisioning profiles

To deploy any iOS application on device, or publish to the Apple Store, you must to have the provisioning profiles. And to get it you must to have certificates. If you have no idea of how to get it, check out this steps first.

To get started go to your Account Provisioning Profile press the '+' button and select:

For developing

  • iOS App Development

Create a provisioning profile to install development apps on test devices.

For production

  • App Store

Create a distribution provisioning profile to submit your app to the App Store.

Select the APP ID

If you have an App ID, it will be displayed in options list, otherwise take the steps below:

Generating an Application ID

Go to your Account Identifiers and press '+' button to register a new App ID.

Type a description, in App ID Prefix make a note of your Team ID to use in build.json and set the explicit App ID that must to be your reversed domain. eg: io.firetask

Make sure that in App Services section have the options checked

  • [x] Game Center
  • [x] In-App Purchase
  • [x] Push notifications

It's because some used plugins require these dependencies

Download provisioning profile

Once you have the certificates and App ID, you need just to select the generated certificates and then select your iPhone device to download the provisioning profile.

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