Installing Firetask is too easy as in any other Ionic 2+ application. To more details or troubleshooting problems you can also take a look in their documentation.


Latest Node that comes with latest NPM

After installing the latest version of these required environment dependencies, you must install Ionic CLI and Cordova globally

$ npm install -g ionic
$ npm install -g cordova

If you are upgrading from old versions of Firetask as well as Ionic, run first

$ npm uninstall -g ionic
$ npm uninstall -g cordova

Running Firetask

This steps will guide you on how to run Firetask locally based on downloaded package from CodeCanyon or secured area.

If you plan to run Firetask for multiples production applications, please consider purchasing an extended license and following these best practices

Navigate to ionic folder and issue installation of dependencies

$ cd firetask-classic
$ npm install

Setting up Firebase config

At this time you must to add the firebase object config to be able to run the app.

First go to your Firebase Console app account and navigate to menu Authentication. Then click on Web Setup button located at top/right of screen.

Copy only the part of object representing the firebase configuration

firebase ionic config

then paste at configs/firebase.ts

It must look like

export const firebaseConfig = {
    apiKey: "AgzaAEgIxRasqAOY_8ex1hSo-1uKNaqR5a0",
    authDomain: "",
    databaseURL: "",
    projectId: "firetask-oiae",
    storageBucket: "",
    messagingSenderId: "14231420719"

Ok now you should be able to run the application in your browser with

$ ionic serve

Serving the three platforms at same time

$ ionic serve --lab

Note: if you had already tested some firetask app before, probably the session still cached on the browser, you may see a series of troubles for lack of the other settings. To avoid the error, you may just clean your browser cache and the app will get up on Tutorial Page.

Enabling authentication

The next step is enable the Email/Password Sign-in Method. Go to your Firebase Console -> Authentication -> Sign-In Method and enable it.

Applying database rules

The last basic step is to apply the Firebase Database rules permissions. Learn more about how to do that over here.


Now that you had the basic configuration steps ready, you can test some things like the Chatting feature by creating a new user account.

Run the app with ionic serve --lab, skip the tutorial and navigate to Sign Up page located at bottom of login screen. Try to create new accounts.

Note: If you got some error, Could it be that Google may can't had automatically enabled your Identity Toolkit API when creating your firebase account. Try going to here and selecting your project to enable it.

What's Next?

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